Jarlinson Pantano (IAM Cycling) has won the 9th stage of the 2016 Tour de Suisse 6/19/2016 11:38:31 PM

Jarlinson Pantano (IAM Cycling) has claimed victory in the 9th stage of the 2016 Tour de Suisse. Pantano out-sprinted a select group of riders in Davos in dramatic fashion after a rainy descent of the Fluela Pass. Congratulations Jarlinson!

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Press release

Davos, Switzerland Tour de Suisse - Jarlinson Pantano: "I dedicate this victory to my family and to everyone at IAM Cycling”

THE EXCLAMATION: “I dedicate this victory to my family and everyone at IAM Cycling,” Jarlinson Pantano said after winning the sprint in the final stage of the 2016 Tour de Suisse.

THE MEMORIES: Of Jarlinson Pantano. “I must be dreaming because on the descent I had no feeling in my hands. They were frozen. Then I gave everything because I remembered my last victory happened on the same day. That was five years ago, already, where I won a stage of the Tour of Colombia on June 19, 2011.”

THE EXPLANATION: “This morning, we went again to recon the descent of the Fluela and final in Davos with Marcello Albasini and Rik Verbrugghe,” Pantano continued. “I had no specific plan, but when we arrived in the resort town, I knew I had to try something. The guys responded to a little acceleration I gave, so I focused in on the sprint. I decided to go with 250 meters remaining, and simply gave it everything I had. I am the happiest man right now to be able to give the team such a success in these difficult times. In spite of losing Mathias Frank to illness, we have fulfilled our objectives, which were to win a stage and take a place in the top-5.”

THE FACT OF THE DAY: By winning the last stage, which was shortened because of the rain and cold, Jarlinson Pantano also managed to climb another position in the overall standings, and ended the race in 4th place.

THE SITUATION: According to Rik Verbrugghe, sports manager for IAM Cycling: “Jarlinson Pantano rode a perfect race, along with the rest of the team. I was convinced that this stage with its difficult profile and finale, would suit his capabilities. The guys managed to place him well ahead of the Fluela climb. Then Jarlinson climbed it listening to his body, and when he was able to rejoin the lone leader on the descent, I had a good feeling. It was just important not to let Rui Costa bridge back up to this group. I knew his speed would win out within such a group of riders.”

THE SWISS: Martin Elmiger. Road Captain of the only Swiss World Tour team, and hailing from Zug, Elmiger was able to defend his jersey for the Best Swiss rider of his national tour.

THE MISTAKE: That of the Tour de Suisse organizer who allotted € 2250 to the 4th place in the overall classification that went to Jarlinson Pantano, and € 2000 to the winner of the best Swiss rider classification that ended up being Martin Elmiger in 24th place. Who’s to argue?

THE NUMBER: 126. That’s the number of riders who finished the Tour de Suisse, which was marked by poor weather conditions. On Sunday alone, four riders dropped out mid-stage, after 10 decided not to start at all.